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Over-sized Postcards  11 x 6 in.

Full color both sides & Coated Front

12 pt. Card Stock is Rigid

STANDS OUT in the mailbox!

2500 - 12¢ each    5000 - 10.5¢    10000 - 9.5¢

(Print, address, sort, mail, including postage @ 40¢ each based on 5000 pcs)




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Funniest Story Ever #2 - The Golfer and His Wife

This is the funniest golf story I have ever heard!

I spent many years playing and finally gave it up. I still have my clubs. They are in the garage just in case. Maybe one day - who knows.

This story just really gets to the gist of the game.


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This is home. We live here, work here and raise our kids here. We like it here! Altman Printing has been a part of the Upstate since 1933.

We support other local businesses in every way that we can. It's what we believe in and it's what helps all  of us the most. Read on...